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Are you looking for a job abroad in catering? Then you have come to the right place at European Leisure Jobs!

Are you the catering wizard we are looking for?

Discover the best vacancies in the hospitality industry on more than 550 top campsites throughout almost all of Europe. Mise-en-place… Débarrasser… Etiquette… You speak catering, you breathe catering. You can juggle glasses and Gordon Ramsay would be proud of the way you prepare your plates.

Catering abroad

That Italian coffee maker holds no secrets for you and nothing sounds better than tinkling French ice cubes in a large glass of fizzy drink. A full Spanish terrace? Yes! You serve your cheerful smile for free. With us you have come to the right place for a catering job abroad.

Wanted: Chefs and kitchen staff

This will probably come as no surprise: they are also looking hard for chefs abroad. But in addition to these chef jobs, there are also many kitchen assistant jobs for cooks and kitchen workers. Does this appeal to you? Then you can choose from many great catering vacancies abroad.

Foreign leisure companies always have a need for good catering employees. In the kitchen, in the restaurant, behind the bar, on the terrace. From a pizza slice at lunch to a culinary five-course dinner, good food and drinks are all part of it. And the right kitchen and waiting staff make all the difference.

Wanted: Host and hostess

Looking for a vacancy as a hostess or host? Foreign leisure companies are always looking for hosts and hostesses who can supervise the ambiance in the foreign hospitality industry. As a host or hostess abroad, you are the business card and face of the leisure company and you ensure that both guests and local customers feel very welcome.

Become a waiter/bar employee

Do you feel more at home waiting or behind the bar? No problem! There are plenty of vacancies to choose from! Together with these people you form one team. You do everything for your international guests.

Why catering abroad

Because you like a job with a lot of responsibility. In a world where everything revolves around service. You actually work in an upside-down world. You work when others have time off. You prepare or serve the tastiest snacks and drinks; others enjoy them. But that is precisely why you are continuously surrounded by cheerful people. In fact: all those cheerful faces are thanks to you.

And you are not alone. You work in an international team. Another advantage: your language skills will grow by the day! You will learn in no time how to help guests from other countries. In their own language.

Are you ready for an adventure?

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